Donkeys threatened with extinction for Chinese dietary supplement!

Ejiao is the name of a Chinese drug for the production of which 4 million innocent donkeys are killed annually. Their population in China is drastically declining, so they have started to be imported from countries like Poland or the United States. This is a huge threat that could cause the extinction of the species, so we should all sign this petition.

Petition to ban the slaughter and export of donkeys to China
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We must stop the mass extermination of donkeys

The export and slaughter of donkeys on a massive scale in China to produce the drug Ejiao is one of the animal world's most pressing problems. Their population in China is declining at an alarming rate - it has declined by 76% since 1992. If we do not act now to ban the export of donkeys from countries like Poland or the United States and their massive slaughter in China, their species will soon become extinct.

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Stop the mass export and slaughter of donkeys

Petition to ban the slaughter and export of donkeys to China

Hundreds of donkeys have already been slaughtered for more than two decades due to Chinese pseudo-medicine. Since 1992, their population in China has fallen by 76%! If we do not put an end to this cruelty, as many as 22 million donkeys could die in the next five years. Transported without food and water, crammed into trucks before slaughter, pregnant or already dead - all due to the production of the Chinese dietary supplement Ejiao. It is time to take action and protect these noble creatures from becoming extinct. Let's stop their export from the United States to China!

Donkeys are known for their strength and stamina - qualities that have made them ideal work animals for many cultures throughout history. However, these qualities may be their undoing these days; donkeys are now under serious threat due to demand from Chinese consumers looking for Ejiao, a traditional medicine that supposedly relieves various ailments such as insomnia and constipation. This product is obtained by boiling donkey skin to extract collagen and then sold as a healing tonic without scientific proof of its medicinal properties.

Donkeys around the world are victims of the cruel Chinese medicine drug Ejiao. The production of this substance has led to an alarming decline in the population of these animals in China. What's more, donkeys from other countries, such as Poland or the United States, are being imported for their pelt  - many of them arrive on the production lines completely dehydrated, stolen from their owners and even pregnant! To make it worse, as many as 20% of them die during transport due to inadequate shelter conditions and lack of food or water, but even the dead ones are suitable for the production of the magic 'medicine'.

One-pound pack of Ejiao costs the equivalent of €300 - it’s not a small amount of money! In addition, China needs 4 million donkey skins a year to meet demand. This is a huge business. It is estimated that each donkey yields around 22 pounds of skin, which can be sold for up to $600. And where do these skins come from? Obviously not just from legal imports...

In many parts of Africa, wild donkeys are captured and killed for their pelt. Donkey populations have declined in those areas but even where donkey slaughter has been banned, as, in Ghana and Mali, the illegal trade continues to flourish. Donkeys play an important role in ecosystems, eating plants that other animals do not eat and helping to spread seeds. They also provide transport and aid in agriculture. Without donkeys, these ecosystems will be thrown out of balance and could collapse.

The slaughter of donkeys for pseudo-medicine is a heartbreaking issue that requires our attention!

Banning the slaughter and export of donkeys to China would be a huge victory for animal rights in the United States.

Please sign our petition today and help us save these gentle creatures from extinction. Thank you for your support!

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