Let's change the fate of Spain's galgos dogs!

Hanged on a tree, buried alive, thrown into a well. Every year in Spain, tens of thousands of galgos dogs die at the hands of hunters who brutally use them for hunting. We must stop these bestial actions!

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Let's stop cruelty to galgos dogs!
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Sentenced to exile or death

The Spanish greyhound is a breed used for both hunting and racing in various regions of Spain. When the hunting season ends in January, the dogs are no longer needed by hunters - they are then often tortured and brutally killed. This is a practice on an enormous scale, causing unimaginable suffering to thousands of our four-legged friends. It's already December, so we need to act immediately. 

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Let's stop cruelty to galgos dogs!

Why do we need this petition?

The suffering of galgos already begins with bestial "training." One of the cruellest ways involves tying a dog to a car and forcing it to run after it. Dogs deemed too slow are abandoned or killed.

Not all dogs are killed. Thousands of them are abandoned. If they are lucky, they remain in shelters. However, many are left in forests or directly on the roads.

But for most, there is no chance for life besides hunting. Thousands of galgos dogs are brutally killed - thrown into wells, hung on trees or buried alive.

An estimated 50,000 greyhounds and other hunting dogs are abandoned annually in Spain, and 5,000 in Seville alone (The Dodo, 2015).

We need to protect Spain's greyhounds with new animal protection legislation.

Through our petition, we want to:

- Introduce harsh penalties for the abuse and abandonment of these animals.

- Ensure that "rehalas" (groups of 16 to 40 hunting dogs) are no longer considered objects of "cultural interest," and thus eliminate all public subsidies intended to promote this barbaric practice of hunting and racing.

- Ban the "training" of galgos by tying them to vehicles such as cars. 

Please help us save innocent lives by signing our petition! Thank you for your support!

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