Let's end the illegal wildlife trade on Facebook!

Every day hundreds of endangered animals are illegally sold on Facebook. There are no regulations to prevent this practice - it's time to do something about it. Our petition calls on Meta to take action by adding regulations that would prohibit the sale of endangered species on their platform. We should all sign this petition. The more signatures we get, the sooner the illegal wildlife trade on the Facebook platform will stop.

Petition to end illegal wildlife trade on Facebook
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Facebook must take responsibility

The illegal wildlife trade is a huge problem. Millions of animals are killed every year, and many more are caught and sold. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, with more than a billion users. It has become a breeding ground for the illegal sale of animals due to the lack of regulations regarding the use of endangered species in advertisements. Meta must take responsibility for what happens on its site and ensure that it complies with wildlife regulations.

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Let's protect the animals and end the illegal practice!

Petition to end illegal wildlife trade on Facebook

The ease animals can be purchased through Facebook contributes heavily to their demand on the black market. When people buy animals on social media websites, they don't get them from a legitimate source, which means the animals have likely been captured or killed inhumanely, and their habitats were destroyed. Tigers, elephants, bears, and rhinos are the most popular animals being sold.

This lawlessness must be stopped! By taking action against the illegal trade, Meta and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook's owner) should send a strong message that they do not tolerate the sale of endangered animals on its platform. This would help protect some of the world's most iconic and majestic animals from being killed for profit.

We urge Meta to act by implementing regulations prohibiting the sale of endangered species on their platform. 

Please help us put an end to this by signing our petition! Thank you for your support!

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